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Now there’s a thing

THINGS – the Norse legal assemblies held throughout northern Europe – are being celebrated in a nine month programme being run by Shetland Amenity Trust.

Starting with a Viking feast at Shetland Museum’s Hay’s Dock restaurant on 17 November, where everyone is encouraged to dress up in Viking gear to recreate the atmosphere of an actual thing.

The events culminate in July with an open air play at Tingwall, inspired by one of the original law cases heard at Lawting Holm in 1577.

Between February and May there will be a series of lectures, while writing and debating activities are being planned for local schools to join in.

The three year THING Project has partners in Norway, Iceland, Faroe, Shetland, Orkney, Highland Scotland and the Isle of Man, and is trying to use various media to illuminate the mysteries surrounding these ancient law courts.

This is the final year of the project where the results of research will be published through a new website and educational and marketing material, including a common leaflet and booklet.

Tickets for the feast with Viking menu, stories, song, dance and games, cost £29.95 for a three course meal, drinks and entertainment. They can be purchased from the amenity trust on 01595 694688.