Robbers sought after Lerwick mugging

SHETLAND police are hunting two robbers who attacked a man near Lerwick’s Gilbertson Park in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Police said at around 2.15am the victim was approached by two men in their 20s with Scottish accents. They assaulted him and then took his money.

One of the two was six foot tall wearing a white baseball cap and blue jeans, while the other was about five foot seven inches with a white tracksuit top and jeans.


Anyone in the area or who saw men fitting this description at the time are being urged to contact the police on 01595 692110.

The cells at Lerwick police station were full to capacity over the weekend, leading the police to issue a warning that they would deal “robustly” with drunken anti social behaviour.

At 2am on Saturday morning a man was assaulted on Lerwick’s St Magnus Street. Police are looking for witnesses, but said they were following a positive line of enquiry to identify the assailant.


At 1.45am on Saturday morning police were called to Posers nightclub, in Lerwick, where an assault was alleged to have happened. A man was subsequently arrested and a report is being sent to the procurator fiscal.

In the early hours of Monday morning two men were arrested for fighting on Lerwick’s Commercial Street and are being reported to the fiscal.

Police confiscated music equipment from a house in the town after four attempts to get the noise turned down, and have charged and reported the householder to the fiscal.


Two men were issued with £40 fixed penalties for openly drinking from a can of lager in Lerwick’s Old North Road in breach of local byelaws.

A driver has been charged with various road traffic offences after a car was found abandoned in Weisdale having left the road and hit a crash barrier. One of the charges is failing to report the accident.

Another driver was issued with a fixed penalty after he was caught driving without a seatbelt.

Acting chief inspector Eddie Graham said the cells at Lerwick police station had been full to capacity over the weekend, placing a huge strain on police resources, adding that most of the incidents were due to drunkenness.

He said: “It will come as no surprise to the public that most incidents which police deal with on a day to day basis are alcohol fuelled and this has a direct consequence in terms of police visibility dealing with the aftermath of these offences, not to mention the victims this also creates.

“It is a strategic priority of Northern Constabulary to reduce incidents of anti social behaviour and drink fuelled violence, and as such police will robustly deal with such people committing these offences.

“Excessive consumption of alcohol is neither an excuse nor a defence for appalling and unacceptable behaviour and recent sentences handed down to perpetrators of these offences would suggest that the court takes a similar view.”