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Letters / Not fit for purpose

Once again we hear from Mr Garrett repeating his ridiculous reply re the comfort of the appalling pods.

People advised to book in advance as NorthLink boss responds to letter on capacity

Again, we are informed that we must pay for a whole cabin. Covid rules are no longer in place Mr Garrett.

Have you tried to sleep on a pod? I doubt it.  What about the cancer patient? Are they to sit on a pod?

Once again your contract is one which is to serve an essential service to the remote islands. This you are not carrying out in a diligent manner.

We should not have to book months in advance. Perhaps your life is well ordered, but many people have lives which are subject to sudden change. The islander discount should remain in place.

Your role is one essential service, not a cruise ship. Our council must ensure that the next contract is only given to a decent shipping line, which has to be an asset to the Islands.

You are paid a great deal by Transport Scotland for this mediocre service. The foolish comment made about islanders not wishing to share is nonsense. It is also insulting that mention has been made about folk not wanting to share with transgenders or whatever.

This service is not fit for purpose.

Heather Butler