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Letters / An open letter to my energy supplier

Dear energy supplier,

I live in Lerwick in Shetland. You are based in London, England.

You are 598.5 miles south of me. To put it in perspective, the Arctic Circle is only 438 miles north.

My winters are long, dark with a very high wind chill factor. Summers are distinctly cool.

As someone with a background in electrical engineering, I take every effort to avoid waste, and thus decided last year to replace inefficient storage heaters with an air sourced heat pump.

As well as being more efficient, it eliminated the need for two standing charges.

Naturally, I informed you of this and replacement of my meter by your contractor was arranged to take place some months ago.

The contractor never turned up on the appointed date. No apology, no explanation. The standing charge has just increased by a considerable amount.

Thus, by not providing a service, your profits have benefitted. A win – win situation…for yourselves.

If you are unable to find a contractor in my area to undertake this work I can recommend a number of reliable and fully qualified ones.

I suspect, however, that excuses, while damaging my pockets, are contributing to your shareholders dividends.

John Waters