Letters / No art should be censored

Censorship exercised by Shetland College [Shetland UHI] upon one of its students indicates the college and the head of the college art department lacks the insight, expertise and experience of what and art actually represents or portrays and is failing to support its students.

Arts student claims her work was censored when removed from exhibition space without her knowledge


Elouise Spooner’s work is art and is an expression of the subject she attempted to display, and regardless of a small minorities’ view no art should be censored.

If that were the case I could sight literally scores of art exhibits over the past several hundreds of years the ‘uninitiated’ have taken exception too.

Art is not about censorship and those who deem that certain so-called controversial works of art should be censored are not fit to run an art gallery, let alone a college art department.

Elouise Spooner’s work should be reinstated and revered and praised for portraying such a difficult subject. Art matters in whatever form it takes.

Kerrie Meyer
The Aurora Art Studio