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BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to move to the street next week

Commercial Street will be closed to vehicle traffic on Tuesday and Wednesday

From left to right, actors Steven Robertson, Alison O'Donnell and Douglas Henshall. Photo: BBC

LERWICK’s Commercial Street is to be closed for a couple of days next week to allow filming for the Shetland crime drama.

The street will be fully closed on Tuesday and Wednesday (5 and 6 October) to vehicle traffic between 7am and 7pm.

The production team will “do our utmost to ensure essential deliveries and disabled access to the area is maintained throughout this time”, location manager Davie Gardner said.

Meanwhile on Monday (4 October) the entrance to the street at the Church Road junction will be closed off between 7am and 7pm to allow filming at the antique shop.

This closure will, however, remain manned at all times. Additionally, vehicular access to the area will be maintained throughout for essential commercial deliveries and disabled drivers/parking.

“To achieve this safely and securely we have been officially granted a temporary, continually managed, two-way traffic control system on the stretch of Commercial Street between the junction with Church Road and the Market Cross,” Gardner said.

“Entry to this will be via the Market Cross and through consultation with our locations staff who will be continually active in that area throughout this time.

“Please note that pedestrian and shopper access to this area will remain unaffected throughout, with no specific restrictions on this necessary. You may, however, be ‘held’ for very short periods of time – a few minutes on each occasion at most – while actual filming takes place in the immediate area of the Antique Shop itself.

“Additionally, a temporary ‘stop/go’ safe traffic management system will be in operation on occasions along a short stretch of Church Road adjacent to the antique shop, located on the corner of the junction with Commercial Street on this day too.

The full closure of the street on the Tuesday and Wednesday has been undertaken in full consultation with, and with the agreement of, Shetland Islands Council’s roads department, Living Lerwick and businesses throughout the area.

“Rest assured that we will seek to open up any and all sections of the street to normal access whenever we complete filming in a specific area,” Gardner said.

“Also please note that the street will be open to normal vehicular access, deliveries etc between the hours of 13.00 and 14.00 each day while our cast and crew are at lunch.

“Again, please note that pedestrian and shopper access will largely be unaffected across these two days although, once again, you may be ‘held’ at specific closure points for a few minutes at a time while actual filming takes place

“ITV Shetland thanks everyone concerned in advance for their co-operation and support re this and, through this, helping us make this now hugely successful programme happen in the first instance.

“Nevertheless, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Should anyone have any questions regarding this, or specific issues with it, please contact Davie Gardner – Locations Manager Shetland – on 07867 654 509 or e-mail davie@atlanticedgemusic.com.”