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Letters / Malicious fearmongering

In response to Allan Fraser’s mendacious ramblings (Partition of the UK will end our ‘free to all’ NHS, Shetland News, 30 April 2021) I would like to point out firstly, that partitioning is where a single country is split, something that the British did to other countries, e.g. to Ireland and India, creating Northern Ireland and Pakistan and immeasurable suffering to thousands.

The United Kingdom is not a country, it’s made up of three countries and the part of Ireland that Westminster partitioned from Ireland.

Secondly, his assertion that the Scottish NHS would change from being free at point of need to a private model is wholly malicious fearmongering.

The Scottish NHS is far more at risk if we stay in the union with Westminster Tory austerity guaranteed and Boris so desperate to do a deal with America, and its privatised model of health care hungry for new markets.

Finally, he clearly does not understand that the money that the UK government gives to Scotland, as our annual budget, is only a portion of the money that we pay to the UK in the first place.

We will be better off when we are no longer tied to the UK and having to pay for things we don’t use, or want such as Trident, HS2, Westminster refurbishments, the House of Lords, Brexit etc.

Why would Scotland, one of the richest countries in the world for resources, want to follow Ireland and not Norway in regard to its health care provision, or even, lord forbid, make up our own minds and do more of what we are already actually doing?

Mr Frasers’ dystopian future is pure fiction. Fake News!

Angela Sutherland