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Letters / Different futures are possible

I read Mr Tulloch’s letter – a critique of Mr Wills’ insistence on the SNP case for independence – with great interest and concur with much of it.

Time for independence is not now


Mr Tulloch’s analysis however is framed within a given economic system/ model that he seems to imply is immovable and on close inspection seems to imply that the Scottish debt is insurmountable – I disagree.

Lies, damned lies and statistics! The same could be said of economics. An autonomous Scotland would indeed face a significant range of challenges, one of them economic.

If however we begin to think differently about how the economy could work differently, with different goals and indicators, indeed (perhaps) different lenders other than the current Bank of England (with ‘our’ money, guaranteed by the British – English dominant government, paying for the loan through killing people with austerity within the strict confines of extreme neo-liberal models).

Other economy models are available; ones which put people and their welfare first, yes and the environment first, rather than the obsession and assumption that only elitist private gain works as an economic model.

Autonomy from England, Wales and NI (there is no such concept in a globalised economy as independence) is however entirely possible now, IF, the people who live in Scotland are prepared to rise above their fear and greed, to work for, invest their private wealth in the common endeavour, and not just vote for it.

Mr Tulloch’s assumption is that the general election result of 2019 can be directly correlated to the current potential standing for autonomy. He leaves out the Green Party vote and voters who may vote for autonomy but did not vote (did not see a party or candidate worth voting for in 2019).

What are the UK Remainers so afraid of, an Scotexit?

As I say lies, damned lies and statistics and a narrow, elitist fuelling economic model are no basis on which to base a case for autonomy, never mind independence.

Different futures are possible if we face the (project) fears and vested interests (Mr Tulloch’s?) in the status quo, which only currently benefits an elite largely abroad (of Scotland).

The SNP’s politicking and governance are showing fatigue. Other autonomy parties are available.

James J Paton
North Yorkshire