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Community / MSP lines up alongside pose-perfect pooches after raising motion in parliament

Shetland MSP Beatrice Wishart pictured with Kaylee Garrick's dogs. The politician has raised a motion congratulating their fundraising at the Scottish 'paw-liament'. Photo: Kaylee Garrick

LOCAL MSP Beatrice Wishart has posed for a photo with the Shetland’s most famous dogs after congratulating them and their owner at the Scottish Parliament for their fundraising efforts.

Wishart recently raised the motion to congratulate Kaylee Garrick and her seven dogs on raising over £2,000 for charity by selling a calendar of pictures of her dogs posing for the camera.

Her motion, which concluded by saying that the “dogs definitely deserve a treat” for their good work, was supported by 12 other MSPs.

Garrick, who works for the ambulance service in Shetland, raised money for the Ambulance Staff Charity and Bravehound, which trains therapy dogs for war veterans.

News of the fundraising efforts and the snap-happy dogs quickly spread and her photos have featured in national newspapers in recent weeks, while she also undertook a live interview on the BBC Breakfast programme.

Garrick and her dogs have been no stranger to the limelight, however, with the canines for instance recently supporting her drive for more people to learn CPR.