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Letters / Like crofters begging to the lairds?

Christmas has come and gone yet apparently no response from Scrooge Towers (aka Shetland Charitable Trust HQ) to my recent letter (Don’t wait for a formal approach; SN, 11 December 2019).

Following my journey to Aberdeen for an MRI scan I intended to make a donation to the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal.

That is until I saw that the MRI Appeal had to employ a fundraising manager at a salary greater than that of a nurse. Why should any donation from me be used to contribute to his salary when as a Shetlander I am supposed to have a charitable fund of about £300 million managed on my behalf by Shetland Charitable Trust?

Shetland Charitable Trust is a charity with a qualified manager capable of raising funds so why do we have to pay for another manager, even if there are trustees ideologically opposed to funding the scanner.

The Shetland MRI Appeal manager says that with regard to Shetland Charitable Trust “he is pushing on an open door”. He should not be pushing on any doors.

The Shetland Charitable Trust should themselves come forward with the funds required, without Shetlanders employing someone to come cap in hand to them with a begging bowl. Are the trustees taking us back to the days of crofters begging to the lairds?

Allen Fraser