Letters / Don’t wait for a formal approach

As someone who recently endured the round trip to Aberdeen to wait in the Shetland MRI corner, I feel entitled to comment on the continued failure of Shetland Charitable Trust to fulfil one of the functions it was set up to do.

Those trustees of Shetland Charitable Trust that are still ideologically opposed to funding the purchase of an MRI scanner for the Gilbert Bain Hospital should watch the latest episode of Island Medics (Wednesday 11 December).


The heroic efforts of MRI fundraisers were highlighted on Island Medics. What it didn’t say is that for any chance success, a fundraising manager has had to be employed. Employed on a salary, no doubt drawn from the appeal fund and higher than most of the nurses on the TV programme.

Charitable Trust chairman, Dr Cooper, in his recent report stated: “The trust has not received a formal approach from NHS Shetland seeking a contribution…”.

The SCT should not be waiting for a ‘formal approach’. Once it became clear that NHS Scotland under the present SNP regime was never going to buy the scanner, the trust should have come forward and offered to pay for it.

There is still plenty of time for the charitable trust to voluntarily come forward with the rest of the funds the MRI appeal needs as a Christmas present that Shetlanders so badly need.

Allen Fraser