Letters / Seeking redemption

Well, just where is Mr Morton coming from? (Welcome to Turbineland; SN, 1 September 2019). He appears to have more faces than the town hall clock!

Does he seek redemption for being a vociferous supporter of Viking Energy from day one, spouting vitriolic condemnation collectively and individually to those who opposed and who knew better than him from the very beginning?

Does he seek to be in the vanguard of the ‘I told you so’ brigade, attempting to gain some kudos with hindsight? Fat chance there I’m afraid.

He says this is all about the money… absolutely. So just where does he get off waxing lyrical about the environment when he has talked of little else but the money in the past.

In my opinion Mr Morton is potentially a prime example of the ‘Dunning-Kruger effect’.

Any debate, absolutely any debate, would be the better for his lack of participation.

Billy Fox