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Election letters 2019 / ‘I believe in Tom’

For the last few weeks I have been involved in the SNP campaign for our by-election, our opportunity as a community to elect a Shetlander to speak up for us in the Scottish Parliament.

Tom Wills is a friendly, clever and passionate man who believes in learning by listening to others. I’ve seen him do so all over Shetland and I believe he would continue to do so during the next eighteen months until the next Scottish Election.

I ask that you give him a chance until May 2021 when we will have the opportunity to vote again. Let’s just see what he can achieve by voting for Tom this Thursday.

On the stall at the Voe, Walls and Cunningsburgh shows I have talked with many folks of all ages. It’s been an honour to do so. I have heard interesting questions and passionate beliefs in our country and our islands.

Folk here want services improved, better transport, more social care and improved healthcare.  They want a MSP they can talk to when they need to and who will sit in the heart of the Scottish Parliament.

Tom has the backing of all the Scottish ministers and off course our first minister.

I’ve loved this campaign. I believe in Tom. I know he can bring about positive change.

Joyce Davies