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Election letters 2019 / The tide is turning

For the past few weeks I have been knocking on doors throughout Shetland canvassing in support of SNP by-election candidate Tom Wills.

I have to say I am heartened by the positive response we have had so far. I have found people are genuinely polite and pleasant and willing to engage in a conversation about our future in these islands. No doubt I will see a few more of you in the coming days.

Contrary to popular belief the primary function of door knocking is to listen. We have been asking voters over the last few weeks “what is the big issue for you and your family at the moment”.

There have been a wide range of responses to this question, but I would say broadly the two issues which gained the most responses were “the cost of the ferry” and “Brexit”.

Tom has therefore been able to take this on board and try to address these for you.

Over the next 18 months you can give Tom the chance to prove that he has listened to your concerns and to deliver a workable solution for all of us.

Firstly ferries. Tom has proposed:

  • Free travel for foot passengers on all SIC ferries;
  • A 20 per cent islander discount on NorthLink cabins;
  • A three-year freeze on NorthLink fares.

Secondly Brexit:

Altogether a more complicated concern but be assured the SNP will fight tooth and nail to halt Brexit. Scotland deserves to be a tolerant outward looking nation. Civic Nationalism is not the brand of inward-looking xenophobic nationalism currently being stoked by this intolerable Tory government at Westminster.

Scotland did not vote for Brexit and it should not be dragged away from our EU neighbours against our will. Tom will do all he can to ensure this does not happen.

From Unst to Fair Isle, Sandness to Skerries we get the feeling that Shetland is looking for change. The tide is turning, and Tom is the candidate that can give you that change most effectively. On the 29 August give Tom Wills your vote and that change will happen.

Iain Malcolmson
Convener Shetland SNP
South Nesting