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Election / Fishing industry fears for the future, according to Labour

Labour candidate Johan Adamson (right) with Brian Isbister and Sheila Keith of Shetland Fish Producers’ Organisation (SFPO) and Shetland Fishermen’s Association (SFA).

LABOUR’S by-election candidate for Shetland Johan Adamson says Serco NorthLink and the government need to act urgently to ensure the isles’ fish industry can continue to export produce.

According to Adamson, the industry is very keen to contribute to the Scottish Government’s “Ambition 2030” for the food and drink industry but is severely hampered by the transport system.

In October, because of the need to transport animals from Shetland and Orkney, there is expected to be no room on some journeys for fish and no direct route to market on some days, she said.

Adamson made her comments after visiting Shetland Fishermen’s Association and Shetland Fish Producers’ Organisation this week where she spoke to Sheila Keith and Brian Isbister about the pelagic and white fish industries.

She said that fish producers also want to grow their business when the new fish markets are opened and are “seriously worried” about Serco’s ability to transport such a valuable commodity when landings increase.

“Shetland fish products contribute a huge amount to the Scottish economy – it would be good to know this effort is appreciated,” said Adamson.