By-Election 2019 - Shetland Central / Johan Adamson

I am Johan Adamson and I am proud to be standing in the Shetland Central by-election to be your councillor. I live in Tingwall with my husband and two lasses on a very small croft in a house that we built ourselves. I am originally from further west, and attended Skeld and Aith Schools, as well as the AHS.

I am standing in this by-election because I have a lot to give to the role and want to make a difference. I have always loved politics and care about Shetland, and about social justice and equality.

I trained as a Chartered Accountant locally, have audited locally and I have also worked in the public sector. I now work in a local business and I bring financial knowledge and experience to the role. I think locals know me as someone who stands up for what I believe in.

For the wider council, as an elected member I will:

  • try to progress action on climate change with the other councillors which will include declaring a climate emergency, looking at greener transport options and ensuring our waste is managed effectively;
  • try to find ways of promoting public transport, ensuring it includes our most vulnerable rural residents, and join other councillors in lobbying the Scottish Government to do more in terms of modernisation and financing. Free buses and free foot passengers on ferries are options to increase usage of public transport. We need to try to find out why bus usage is still low in rural Shetland and the elderly are isolated in spite of free buses for the over 60s;
  • ensure that education is fully funded and escapes any cuts, as bairns only have one education.There is absolutely no need to revisit the days when school closures were mooted;
  • ensure that the council is supporting local industry – including fishing and crofting – in the best ways possible and promoting development. We need to ensure that Shetland is not depopulating and that we are supporting job creation, especially in the traditional industries and tourism;
  • ensure that the council is promoting equality and equal opportunity;
  • ensure the NHS joint board is fully funded and ensure that our current and future social care needs are met.

And for Shetland Central I will:

  • endeavour to listen to communities and promote Shetland Central;
  • ensure development in Shetland Central is appropriate and communities are heard;
  • advocate for more social housing to keep communities together in this popular ward;
  • advocate for better paths and cycleways, especially for school routes – with a promise to not stop school buses – therefore giving communities the choice between walking, cycling or the bus

Vote for a strong, caring female voice for Shetland Central with years of finance, local government and community council experience. I am a member of The Scottish Labour Party and the Co-operative Party.