Election / UKIP man the ‘only candidate’ to stand on anti EU platform

Stuart Martin.

THE UKIP candidate for the forthcoming Shetland by-election, Stuart Martin, is in the isles today (Wednesday) to hand in his nomination papers and to give media interviews.

The 51-year-old taxi driver from Falkirk said he is hopeful of attracting a significant amount of votes, saying he was the only candidate that was standing on a clear anti-EU platform.


Martin has previously stood for UKIP in two local government elections on the Scottish mainland and also in the 2017 Westminster election for the Falkirk constituency, where he polled 1.3 per cent of the vote.

“I am the only anti EU candidate at this election, all the other candidates standing are pro EU including the Conservatives,” Martin said.

“I am also the only candidate who is saying that there should not be another independence referendum. The Scottish people have had their say in 2014, and that referendum was meant to be a once in a lifetime.

“Yes, Scotland did not vote to leave the EU, but that is negligible because in 2014 the Scottish people voted to remain part of the UK, and the Brexit referendum wasn’t a nation’s vote, the UK voted as on nation.”

Martin will be back in the isles during the second week of August.