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Letters / Where are the cygnets?

Over the past few months, myself and a good few others, have enjoyed watching the progress of the three cygnets at the north edge of the Sandwater Loch.

They have been able to develop in relative peace with cars slowing down to go past them – but last week it all changed.

On Saturday, after returning from a few days holiday I noticed the cygnets had moved from the loch’s edge to the top of the hill. The reason?

Viking Energy’s latest survey for the new road they require from Sandwater to Kergord.

It was very obvious that the birds had become frightened and disorientated and a few hours later they had moved over the hill to the Weisdale side.

Fortunately that night a concerned neighbour contacted the RSPB before the cygnets became road kill and I understood they had been placed back at the Sandwater Loch.

Unfortunately there has been no sightings of them for several days.

If this is the effect a relatively small survey with ATV’s and a few Land Rovers has had on wildlife I dread to think of the effect the construction of a giant windfarm will have.

Does anybody really believe Viking Energy’s Habitat Management Plan?

Donnie Morrison