Letters / A credible organisation?

Wir Shetland chairman Tulloch joins the election debate from his distant post in Argyll.

He leads his group to great heights by endorsing a Liberal Democrat who ‘is pleased’ ( hardly an excited response ) to have Wir Shetland’s support and then sees one of his group’s councillor supporters resign in protest.


A spectacular own goal?

So what are we to learn from this group who state: “We are neither a political party in our own right, nor in a position to field a candidate in the forthcoming Scottish parliamentary election.” I suspect not a lot.

Their support is for a long standing representative who was once a Scottish government transport minister who did little to ease our transport costs and has hardly been an effective voice in the last parliament.

He now claims, amongst other pledges, to solve the problem of GP and dentist recruitment to Shetland.

If he has the answers then why haven’t they been supplied and taken up before now. NHS Shetland would welcome his wisdom.


We should then reflect back only a relatively short time to recall Mr Scott’s close association with his fellow Liberal Democrat MP and that individual’s performance at the heart of the UK government.

Let us never forget how the Liberal Democrats sold their souls in the pursuit of power.

Unlike Chairman Tulloch I think the people of Shetland would be better served by an MSP who is a member of the governing party and can bring influence to bear that will help Shetland in the future.

This is surely a better prospect than Wir Shetland’s answer, which is to support Liberal Democrats.

Surely, Chairman Tulloch should have been on the ballot paper or is he to remain in exile until an independent Shetland is declared and he triumphantly arrives back to be our leader.

The question has to be asked as to whether or not Wir Shetland is a credible organisation or just an irritant that has little influence other than to score a few headlines.

Alan Macdonald
North Roe