Letters / MP’s attitude ‘beggars belief’

It beggars belief that Alistair Carmichael thinks he can carry on as if nothing happened. (‘Business as usual for isles MP’, SN 19/6/15).

He said: “I understand that there are a few people who have lost a bit of trust in me.” Understatement much!

He lied to the electorate and Malcolm Bruce claiming that all MPs lie doesn’t make it right, we are well aware that most ‘politicians’ lie, but this was a personal attack on a fellow politician and as such is not (should not be) acceptable.

If, as you say Alistair, you have “received a tremendous amount of support over the past few weeks” then do the honourable thing, resign, cause a by-election, and see if you are re-elected, though personally I think you should be disbarred from standing again.

Alan Crowe

School house, Aith