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Letters / Rabid panic to save money

I agree with pretty much with all that John Tulloch (’Time to resurrect Shetland Movement’, SN 20/10/14) says and at the risk of a literary firing squad agree pretty much with Stuart Hill’s solution to Shetland’s future. But, and it’s a huge but…

Since the demise of the Zetland County Council, which did a reasonable job (at the time) with Sullom Voe and seeing Shetland as whole – the ability of successive SIC administrations to sustain and nurture this remote island community has degenerated in a sea of waste and grandiose investments that lost millions.

More recently the rabid panic to save money has chopped off the arms and hands of many rural communities, hauling all the nets into da toon. 

We now live in the world of the accountant and whilst we need to appreciate sound economics, economics on its own without a social conscience leads to a very desolate place as is plain to see now. I would vote tomorrow for Shetland Independence but it can only work if the people available to lead are up to it and at the moment I am not encouraged!

Vic Thomas



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