Letters / Please, no more

Living around Sumburgh for 40 years we’ve seen the Chinook and Dan Air disasters.

We all know people who have lost someone, who handled the aftermath of accidents, who coped, or did not, with death.

So when another air crash happens on our doorstep there is a collective sadness, which, although tenuous because we may not have any connections with this recent accident, is genuine, is real. And we don’t need to understand why.

So many of us have connections with Sumburgh that it hurts when the unexpected happens. Some may shed tears and not really know why.

At the same time we are in total respect for the skills and dedication to the crews in the air, on the sea and on land who turn out in minutes and do things with calm professionalism, saving lives.

Respect, admiration and sadness. A touch of anger maybe. We can do all this.

But please, if there be powers I know little about, whoever or whatever they are, please, no more.

Douglas Young