Letters / Fishermen, speak up

After all the recent hoo-ha about some form of independence or autonomy for Shetland, I’m surprised we haven’t heard more from the fishing industry regarding their views on what changes to the constitution might benefit their industry, whether on land or at sea.

At present we have precious little control over the sea and the seabed and having listened to the protestations of fishermen about the idiotic rules and quotas imposed by the EU, I would have thought the prospect of not only gaining local control of the sea and seabed but perhaps, even, of joining the likes of Faroe outside the EU, would be a topic of great interest and importance to the fishing industry.

This will be our best opportunity to make a difference to the lives of any Shetlanders now living and if we all sit on our hands and say nothing that is exactly what we will get.

So Shetland Fishermen’s Association and Shetland Fish Producers’ Organisation, do you have a view on these matters and if so, what is it?

John Tulloch