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Letters / Why resign, Bobby?

Recently Shetland News wrote an apology saying they had incorrectly reported that the newly elected charitable trust chairman was a prominent member of the Windfarm Supporters Group.

Lord Lieutenant Bobby Hunter had pointed out to Shetland News that he had resigned from the group two years ago.

How can someone resign from a group which has consistently declared no membership and has no office bearers or constitution?

Just as a reminder to anyone who may have forgotten:

In December 2010 at the SIC meeting in the Town Hall, planning permission was granted (against the SIC’s own planning department’s advice) for the massive Viking Energy Windfarm.

At this meeting Bobby Hunter, who is the now charitable trust chairman, spoke on behalf of the amorphous Windfarm Supporters Group.

After vociferously promoting Viking Energy, why then did Bobby Hunter just a couple of months later, feel the need to ‘resign’ from the Windfarm Supporters Group?

Donnie Morrison