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Letters / Regret not resigning

Davy Thompson’s letters make an important contribution (No in Wir Name; SN 14/2/13), but might be more persuasive if they were more accurate. 

As Shetland Labour’s candidate for the Scottish Parliament ten years ago I was adopted as an anti Iraq war candidate. I don’t think a UN resolution would have changed my stance. 

I opposed the war. I marched against the war. I spoke against the war at the Town Hall. I wrote letters. I eventually received a phone call from a cabinet minister on the war.

The one thing I did not do, which I will always regret, is resign my candidacy in protest. 

Prior to my selection as candidate I gave a commitment to the local party that I would see the election through. It was, however, the peace movement that brought me into politics in the first place and I should have been true to my conscience.  

Some Labour members in Shetland who opposed the war resigned whilst others remained members. I have never criticised either group for their decision.

Davy has, and doubtless will, continue to berate those in the Labour movement and other political parties for this and other reasons but it is not accurate to suggest there was no opposition from within the Shetland Labour Party. 

Davy can do better than resort to name calling, but I respect his anger on this subject and I wish him well.

Peter Hamilton 

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