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Council / Councillors grant planning consent for Maywick house extension on appeal

Maywick in the south mainland. Photo © Vanhercke Christiaan (cc-by-sa/2.0)

A PLANNING refusal for an extension to a house in Maywick has been overturned by councillors.

The planning service had previously ruled that the house, which is located close to the Maywick beach, would have a “significant adverse impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding area”.

There was also concern over the impact on the South West Mainland National Scenic Area.

The extension, which would be added to a more traditional cottage property which houses a family of six, was described as “box like”. It would have black timber cladding.

However following an appeal councillors on the planning committee, acting as a local review body, felt that it would not adversely impact the area.

The committee considered the appeal at a meeting on Monday.

Photo © Mike Pennington (cc-by-sa/2.0).

Shetland West member John Leask said the modern type of extensions are becoming more popular.

“I think it does not to me really affect the environment badly,” he said – adding that the area itself is already a bit of a “jumble”.

Central councillor Catherine Hughson agreed, saying that for example an existing agricultural shed in the area is more “unsightly” than the proposed extension.

Shetland North’s Andrea Manson also said she felt in about six months to a year people would be used to seeing the extension, and that it would be more intrusive if it was higher up the settlement instead of at the bottom.

Meeting chair Davie Sandison said he did not “entirely disagree” with his colleagues, adding that “it is a settlement which has a lot of different types of structure” already.

During the meeting planning team leader John Holden said “box-like” structures tend to prove a challenge to the officers – but tend to be a “matter of opinion”.

Marc Williamson of architects Richard Gibson said there was a “real need” from his client to extend the property, and that development in areas like Maywick should be encouraged.

A report from the architects during the planning process said the extension had been “carefully designed to both blend into its surroundings and improve the quality of the area”.

Williamson also said there was not a “common thread” of property design in the area.

Councillors had earlier decided they did not require a site visit.