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Marine / First arrival in Bergen-Shetland boat race

Photos: Shetland News

A GERMAN yacht has become the first to arrive in Lerwick in the annual Bergen-Shetland race

The Haspa Hamburg arrived at Lerwick Harbour shortly before midday today (Thursday) after crossing the northern North Sea in just over 23 hours.

It is the first time the race has been held since the Covid pandemic.

The bulk of the fleet are set to arrive this afternoon and evening.

Skipper of the winning yacht, Fabian Bläsi, said he and the crew had enjoyed the trip from Bergen although the weather had been challenging at times.

Crew member Wibke Borrman added: “It wasn’t that bad; it was wet and freezing cold.”

The young crew are part of a Hamburg based sailing club that owns three offshore sailing boats.

A total of 38 boats are racing. An additional one had a delayed departure so she is not racing but will arrive on Friday.

Another Scottish yacht will join at Lerwick for the second leg of the race back to Norway.