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Transport / Changes to Bluemull Sound timetable as crew sickness continues

THE BLUEMULL Sound ferry service continues to be affected today (Monday) by crew sickness.

Bookings, however, will return for sections of the day.

Between 6.10am and 9.30am it will run with a single vessel to the Saturday timetable, with bookings suspended.

From around 9.35am to 3.45pm the service will operate to a normal Monday timetable, with bookings available.

Then from 3.50pm to 5.35pm the service will revert to a single vessel, Saturday timetable. From 5.40pm the normal Monday timetable will then resume.

Shetland Islands Council said it apologised for any inconvenience caused.

There has been disruption on the service since last week.

In an interview last week the SIC’s ferry operations manager said staff were doing all they could to minimise disruption.

However a combination of vacancies and staff absence is continuing to pose difficulties.