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Letters / ‘It’s a scam’

The announcement about winter energy bill rebate of £400 in your piece misses the substantive point completely.

Government pledges £400 energy bill discount for all households

Energy producers and retailers still get the money they are ripping off from us. Their price rises per annum are much more than £400 and not commensurate with producers and retailers’ huge profit hikes.

Not only is a windfall tax additionally needed, but Ofgem should do its job and regulate the market and create affordable energy pricing.

We are in effect giving them more of our, public, money by letting them off the hook given recent unnecessary huge increases permitted by the Government and Ofgem.

This is the energy sector equivalent of the bank bailout, with public money that did not find its way into the economy, hence ten years of austerity.

Four hundred pounds is not going to head off another recession.

It’s a scam. It’s robbery. Simple approach a la stopping Poll Tax – mass non- payment of our energy bills.

James J Paton