Letters / Same old, same old, is no longer acceptable

What is the point of the Shetland Charitable Trust if not to come to the aid of those in need in Shetland?

In fact that is precisely what the Shetland Charitable Trust governing deed requires the trustees to do; act in the best interests of the inhabitants of Shetland.

There is a long list under the Shetland Charitable Trust’s Objects of Trust which make the case.


At (a) is ‘the prevention or relief of poverty’, while at (j) ‘the relief of those by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage’.

Energy prices jumped in April, and are due to jump again in October, the trust can act in the best interests of the inhabitants of Shetland by preventing or relieving poverty.

From an individual and trust point of view, the best effect of an insulation programme is the long term benefit. Heating bills drop immediately while that saving will be repeated over succeeding years.

An insulation programme would also reduce Shetland’s carbon footprint which ties in with the Objects of Trust (i) ‘the advancement of environmental protection or improvement’.

In the short term, only central government can cut energy costs. If they wanted to, they could eliminate VAT on energy purchases, something the Tories pledged but, to date, have not delivered.

Another option for government is taking green subsidies off energy bills which would reduce bills by 25 per cent.

Brian Nugent
Sovereignty candidate
Shetland Central