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Arts / Mareel to open doors on Tuesdays again

Photo: Shetland Arts

MAREEL is to reopen on Tuesdays from next month thanks to a grant from the Scottish Government.

From 10 May venue will now be open from Tuesday to Sunday having reduced its offering during the Covid pandemic. At the moment it is only open Wednesday-Sunday.

It comes following financial support from the government’s Recovery Fund for Independent Cinemas.

Mareel reopening on a Tuesday will see the return of the ‘Bring Your Own Baby’ screenings on a Tuesday morning, which allow parents and carers to feel comfortable attending the cinema in a relaxed environment with their baby, or very young child, without having to find a babysitter.

The subtitled screenings will move from Wednesday evening to a Tuesday evening slot.

The Bring Your Own Baby and Relaxed screenings, on Sunday mornings, remain socially distanced to allow those who may be vulnerable to return more confidently to the cinema.

The current ticket prices will remain, with Tuesday replacing Wednesday in the all-day cheap ticket slot.

As the cinema industry begins to recover from the pandemic, Mareel operator Shetland Arts is looking forward to more big releases coming to Mareel next month, including Downton Abbey: A New Era, Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, The Lost City and The Northman.

Film programme manager Jenny Leask said: “We’re so grateful for this funding, and that it allows us to reopen on Tuesdays.

“It’s obviously been a really tough time for cinemas and continues to be so, even though some aspects like film release schedules have settled down at last.

“Many of our customers have simply got out of the habit of going to the cinema, so we hope that Mareel being open an extra day a week, and more people perhaps being back in the office rather than working from home, means that we’ll have more folk taking advantage of those cheap weekday tickets.”