Election 2022 / Robbie McGregor

Shetland South

Name: Robbie McGregor Electoral Ward: Shetland South Description: Scottish National Party (SNP)

Robbie McGregor

I’m a pharmacist, originally from Stirling, and I came to live in Quarff nine years ago with my wife Mary who was originally from Cunningsburgh.

I’ve had one of the greatest privileges of my life during the past five years as I’ve been able to serve all the people of Shetland South. I’ve particularly enjoyed attending regularly the three Community Councils in my area.

If I’m fortunate enough to be re-elected I intend to concentrate on the following areas:

It’s vital that we have affordable housing for our young people. This will involve housing being built in the public and private sector. If we’re to encourage people to come to Shetland to fill vacancies in Health, Social Care and Planning we must have somewhere for them to stay.

Cost of Living Crisis
We must do whatever it takes to help people with this issue. I will continue to make a case to help in this area to the council and government.

Fair Isle
I will continue to make the case for funding for the Fair Isle ferry which is vital for the local community

Road Safety
I was involved in discussions on making the Black Gaet junction safer. We now have a 50 mph speed limit and it seems that there has been a reduction in accidents. I will ensure that whatever steps necessary to improve this junction will be taken.
I’ve raised the issue of reducing the speed limits in Quarff and Cunningsburgh at every opportunity during the last council. 60 mph in Quarff and 50 mph in Cunningsburgh is far too high. My issues are school buses stopping to let children off and in Cunningsburgh a 50 mph speed limit when there’s a school and youth club is unacceptable.

Why do I stand as an SNP candidate?
I’m delighted that candidates in the Green and Labour parties have the courage to stand under their party label for the council election as well as the SNP. This election isn’t about Scottish Independence. It’s about Shetland. I can assure readers that I am SNP but I’m also my own man. I’m not afraid to advocate for what’s best for Shetland. I’ve raised issues with the Government on many occasions to fight Shetland’s corner, particularly around fair funding for our ferries.

Fixed Links
The cost of this is beyond council resources. I will continue to advocate fixed links with government.

Contact Information

Tel: 01950 477 883
Mobile: 07807473748


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