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Coronavirus / Covid numbers continue to creep up

THE NUMBER of confirmed Covid cases in Shetland continues to slowly rise, with almost 40 new cases reported over the last seven days including nine today (Wednesday).

The presence of Covid in the community also made itself felt today when Shetland Islands Council was forced to close two of its nurseries due to staff self-isolating.

Quality improvement manager Robin Calder said: “I can confirm that the Early Learning and Childcare settings in Bell’s Brae Primary School and Scalloway Primary School are closed today due to positive Covid-19 cases affecting both settings and staff requiring to self-isolate.

“The primary departments of both schools are open as normal with all of our Covid-19 mitigations in place.

“We are communicating regularly with the parents and carers of nursery aged children in both the settings, and we will continue to update them on the situation today.”

Despite the rise in the prevalence of Covid in the community, the local figures are still well below the national average and, indeed, those recorded in other island authorities.

Orkney has had 122 new cases during the last seven days, while the Western Isles had 115.

NHS Shetland continues to advise islanders to follow the well-publicised guidance such as wearing face masks where required, avoiding crowded places and regular lateral flow testing.