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BBC Filming / Crime drama filming to move to Quendale

FILMING for the Shetland crime drama is due to head to Quendale on Wednesday (29 September).

Scenes will be shot at the Quendale farm road and the cliffs between 7am and 8pm.

No official restrictions will be in place on the public roads in and around Quendale itself, but people are advised that due to the fleet of filming support and technical vehicles operating throughout the area, there will be a significantly increased flow of traffic through the village itself and surrounding areas at this time.

“All our drivers have been advised to proceed with extreme caution on these narrow, restricted and residential access related roads, and we ask that other drivers in the area be aware of this and proceed with similar caution at all times,” location manager Davie Gardner said.

“The farm road/track leading south from the Quendale Farm area to the old military ruins at the road end near the cliffs in this area will be closed to traffic and pedestrians during this time.

“However, this closure will remain manned at all times to allow for residential and farm related access throughout. Please also be aware that there will be a significant number of our technical support vehicles parked along this private roadway too.”

The main filming support unit – which comprises a number of articulated and larger vehicles – will be located at the Cunningsburgh Hall from the PM on the 28 September until PM on the 29th.

“Please exercise caution in this area too, especially with regard to vehicles regularly entering and exiting the car park there during this time,” Gardner said.

“Once again our sincere apologies for any inconvenience and disturbance caused by this, but equally thank you for all your co-operation with this and your ongoing support for the filming of Shetland in general.”

Anyone with issues or questions should contact Davie Gardner – locations manager Shetland – on 07867 654 509 or Andy ‘Mod’ Ross – assistant locations manager – on 07963 713 446.