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Community / Community thanked for their help after lost dog found in the hills following escape from garden

Nicky back home safe and sound after two days on the run.

A WOMAN whose new dog went missing in Lerwick shortly after arriving in Shetland has thanked the community for their help in finding the canine.

Nicky, who had been adopted after growing up in Romania, was found in the Staney Hill area on Sunday.

He went missing on Friday morning after escaping through a small hole under a fence in his new owner’s garden in Upper Sound shortly after coming off the boat.

There was particular concern as he was said to be scared of people having been treated badly in Romania, and was likely to run away from folk.

He also had his lead and there was a worry he could have become stuck.

Owner Mel Inkster said she was relieved that Nicky was now back at his new home after his escape.

Many people kept an eye out for the dog, and drone operators even got involved to get a bird’s eye view.

But it was Jonathan Kerr’s chance sighting of Nicky in the Staney Hill area – and bit of a chase – which resulted in the dog being brought back to safety.

Mel said her eldest daughter also joined in the chase – with nearly eight miles in total chalked up as they ran after the dog in amongst the Staney Hill heather.

She said Jonathan was out for a run and happened to come across the dog.

“He thought his lead was trapped on the wall,” Mel explained.

“He knows my daughter, and he thought he would phone her. He said by the time he had taken his phone out of his backpack the dog has disappeared.

“He saw him in the distance and he just set off and gave chase. My eldest daughter was out with her dog at the time, and she joined in.”

The chase was spotted by a few folk, and they eventually managed to corner Nicky near the old North Road.

“There was so much help, there were so many messages, so many people coming in from all over the place to look for him – it was amazing the response and the help,” Mel said.

“And massive thanks to Jonathan for spending all that time chasing through the heather because it was hard work.

“Now that Nicky’s home, people are stopping myself and the family to say how happy they are to know that he’s back. He’s a wee bit of a celebrity at the moment, although I don’t think his enjoying that status very much.”

Mel added that Nicky – who is thought to be around eight years old – was settling in after his two days roaming Lerwick. “He seems quite healthy after his little escapade. I think he’s doing okay.”