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Dog blamed for lamb deaths

Photo Nancy Larsen

POLICE in Shetland are warning dog owners to keep their pets under control after two lambs were killed this week.

The three month old lambs were found dead in Clousta, on the west side, on Thursday morning and showed all the signs of having been attacked by dogs during the night.

A police spokesman said with the lambing season now in full swing, owners should make sure their dogs could not escape, especially near fields containing sheep.

He said dog owners could be prosecuted if their dog chased or attacked livestock, or even if their dog was simply loose in a field with sheep.

He added that farmers and crofters have the right to shoot any dog to protect their sheep from being worried or attacked.

“The police in Shetland would encourage all dog owners, at this time of year in particular, to be responsible with their pets, keep them under close control when out in the open and respect the needs of the numerous islanders who work with sheep in our wide rural community,” he said.