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Energy / Contract awarded for supply of 800km of cable for Viking Energy wind farm

An impression of how part of the Viking Energy windfarm could look.

A GLOBAL company based in Paris has been awarded a multi-million pound contract to supply 800km of underground cables for the Viking Energy wind farm.

The 33kV underground cables supplied by Nexans will link the wind turbine arrays together and then export the power to the main substation, before it is fed into the interconnector to transport it south.

Head of onshore projects at developer SSE Renewables, Derek Hastings, said: “The performance and reliability of the underground power cables are critical to the success of the Viking Wind Farm.

“There were two main reasons for awarding the contract to Nexans. First, the cables met our stringent technical requirements. Second, and very important for us, was Nexans’ ability to provide a fixed price over the 18-month contract period. This overcame the current volatility in metal and plastics pricing.”

The contract involves 650km of underground cables, which are a single core design with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. Nexans is also supplying 150km of bare copper earth cable.

The cables for the Viking Energy wind farm will be manufactured at the Nexans Hellas plant in Lamia, Greece, with first deliveries are scheduled for September this year.

Max Williams, utility sales director for Nexans UK, said the Viking project is a “perfect fit with Nexans’ ambition to electrify the future” and extends its working relationship with developer SSE.