Letters / Bicycle racks on buses may encourage people to cycle more

It’s great that public improvements are on the move as detailed in your report of 24 March 2021 about the improvements to Harrison Square and Tesco roundabout.

Harrison Square seating area and improvements to Tesco roundabout crossing on the cards

However if ZetTrans wants to encourage people to “walk, cycle and wheel” more in Shetland, then they could also purchase bicycle racks for the buses that service outlying areas on the mainland, and the outer islands.

Many people who come to Lerwick from these areas, myself included, would love to bring their bicycle on a bus rack in order to more efficiently use their time in town.

Similarly many Lerwick residents would surely bring their bicycles on buses for excursions out of town.

These bus racks are in common use in many other places, and encourage the use of bicycles in line with stated public policy.

Hopefully ZetTrans and SIC will take note.

Fred Schlomka