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Election / Nugent stands for ‘double out’

LOCAL pro-independence campaigner Brian Nugent is the fourth candidate to join the election campaign to become MSP for Shetland.

Brian Nugent.
Restore Scotland candidate Brian Nugent. Photo: Shetland News

The retired lecturer will stand as a candidate for Restore Scotland, a pro-independence party founded last year that wants Scotland out of the UK and out of the EU.

“The current Holyrood Parliament does not represent these positions, and that is why I am standing for Restore Scotland in this election in the Shetland constituency,” the 68-year old said.

Nugent said the one third of SNP voters who voted to leave the EU are currently not represented by any party.

“Those SNP voters agree with the statement that you can either be independent or you can be in the EU, but you cannot be both,” he said.

“The more I hear SNP spokespersons talking about the next referendum being about getting back into the EU, the more I know that the time is right for a double out party.

“A vote for Restore Scotland is a vote for a referendum on independence.  Let the voters in Scotland decide Scotland’s future. We want a government in Scotland elected by and answerable only to voters in Scotland.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, a vote for Restore Scotland is not a vote to return to the European Union.”