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Energy / BP submits defence and counterclaim in legal case over ‘unpaid invoices’ at Sullom Voe

Sullom Voe Terminal. Shetland News

BP has submitted a response in its legal tussle with the operator of Sullom Voe Terminal over alleged unpaid invoices – and has issued a counterclaim worth £2.2 million.

In January Shetland News reported that terminal operator EnQuest had launched a legal claim against BP worth nearly £26 million.

In a response filed in February BP denied that sums stated in disputed invoices are due and outstanding.

It also believes the owners of the Clair oil field are entitled to recover £2.2 million relating to an invoice which was paid under dispute.

Legal documents submitted to the High Court of Justice in London show that the period EnQuest Heather Limited is claiming for covers 2013 to 2017.

Much of EnQuest’s legal claim, around £18.25 million, relates to services associated with the gas sweetening plant at the terminal, which BP operates.

It is also refers to payment of costs relating to the Clair oil field, which BP operates and which connects by pipeline to Sullom Voe. The terminal provides services to the owners of the field.

BP appears in the legal claim on behalf of the Clair owners and on behalf of the sweetening facilities owners.

EnQuest, which features as the terminal operator on behalf of the facility’s owners, focused in its legal claim on the way personnel working on the terminal, or operating it, were recording their time, and codes and systems used for “allocation purposes”.