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Community / ‘Even Vikings can’t defy the rules of tier three’

The 2021 Up Helly Aa bill at the Market Cross. Photo: Jim Mullay

WITH no Lerwick Up Helly Aa taking place this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are plenty of effort ongoing to make today – the last Tuesday in January – at least a little special.

An alternative Up Helly Aa bill has been erected at Lerwick’s Market Cross advising guizers to wear face masks and abide by the coronavirus rules.

Meanwhile, the Shetland Film Archive will stream some fire festival archive films and Promote Shetland content at 7.30pm tonight on Facebook and on its YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq4esNlYNCk

Greg McCarron of the film group said: “It’s not quite the same as the Up Helly Aa procession but hopefully it will bring back some good memories.”

Shetland News will embed the video stream on our website tonight.

Meanwhile, Up Helly Aa tunes chimed from Lerwick Town Hall just before midday, the time the jarl square would have normally left the council convener’s  annual civic reception.

Local TV cameraman Malcolm Younger has put together a short video of last year’s Up Helly Aa highlights for all to enjoy (see above).

Despite the inevitable cancellation of this year’s celebrations tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a public holiday.

Up Helly Aa enthusiast Scott Goudie built a peerie galley that stands proudly in his garden this morning. Photo: Scott Goudie