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Arts / Local artists to create new work for spring project

A NUMBER of local artists have had new work commissioned as part of a Shetland Arts project called Refresh Now.

The arts agency had sought ideas from artists based in Shetland, or with strong links to the isles, that would “explore inventive methods and non-traditional and digital media to the challenges in creating performance”.

The works will be presented throughout April, in line with current public health guidance.

Composer and musician Catriona MacDonald and film maker Shona Main will collaborate on a new musical composition and film for the project.

The work will emerge from each artist’s impressions of two houses in Unst central to the story of Jessie Saxby, a Shetland born writer, and her relationship to her daughter who died at a young age.

Poet Christie Williamson and musician Chris Stout, meanwhile, have teamed up for a project inspired by the migration of Williamson’s great-great-grandmother from Foula to Walls.

Shetland born actor Sandra Voe will voice the words of the main character in the poem Lilias.

The project will also see Islesburgh Drama Group produce a new work by a local playwright in the format of a radio play, with Jennie Atkinson directing.

Also commissioned is a puppet-based animation of a new folk story written by poet Jen Hadfield, with animation by Gilly Bridle and music by Jenny Sturgeon.

Sound artist Renzo Spiteri has also been commissioned for the creation of a set of video artworks, created from the collection and manipulation of field recordings made in four specific sites around Shetland.

Vivian Ross-Smith, meanwhile, will bring a new piece of wearable artwork into the public realm and challenging the notion of where art belongs and what defines an appropriate display space.

Wearing her work and creating an ad-hoc gallery space, she will interact with members of the public in a variety of settings around Shetland.