Letters / Do the right thing and reinstate Mossbank bus

Could someone please explain why the kids of Mossbank School – some are nursery age kids – have to walk home in the dark along a main road with very little street lighting?

Along with having to cross the road back and forth several times due to very little pavement along the road between the school and Firth? Surely this should be seen as a huge safety issue for the local children.


To make it worse is the added issue of the weather, gale force winds, heavy rain as well as ice and snow. So why won’t ZetTrans and SIC reinstate the 3.25pm bus which would allow these kids to travel home safely?

Lerwick itself has bus runs every hour and that’s not including the bus services going through town before leaving to go to outlying areas, so why won’t they even put on a feeder bus just for the Mossbank kids to get home safely. Do our kids lives not matter enough to justify it?


I don’t know if other outlying areas have the same issue, but this has been ongoing for a good while. What will it take for SIC and ZetTrans to do the right thing? Some poor kid being seriously hurt or killed in some horrible accident?

Our council, ZetTrans and even our local area councillors should be downright ashamed of themselves for allowing this dangerous daily issue to go on.

Do the right and safe thing and reinstate the bus for our kids to get home safely.

Caroline Ritchie,

Shetland Islands Council has been contacted for a response.

A petition on reinstating the bus went in front of ZetTrans members last year.