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Letters / Short changed

The Shetland Community Benefit Fund claims to “negotiate the best possible agreement for Shetland”. However many people see the establishment of the fund as a PR proxy for SSE Viking Energy.

The funds donation to the scanner appeal seems a remarkable coincidence given Viking Energy’s current problems.

MRI appeal in line to receive £200,000 from wind farm benefit fund

How good is this best possible agreement?

Well, the 2010 compensation rate offered elsewhere in Scotland was £5,000 per MW, at todays value this should be at least £6,761.

Leaving aside the question of how much the wind farm is worth to SSE, forgetting that the compensation is discretionary, and the negative impact it is already having on individuals and communities across Shetland; if this is the best they can do, I’d hate to see their worst effort.

If Shetland Community Benefit Fund is determined to sell out Shetland, they should at least show a degree of competence and get a decent price for it.

It does look like we’ve all been short changed from the loose change jangling in SSEs pockets.

Kevin Learmonth

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021