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Transport / Inter-island ferry services reduced

The Yell ferry Dagalien. Photo: SIC

SHETLAND’s busiest inter-island ferry services are being reduced as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Yell Sound, Bluemull Sound, Whalsay and Bressay routes will drop to a Saturday timetable from Monday (23 March).

They are likely to stay like this for some time.

The move has been made due to “various constraints”, but it is understood it is partly to maintain the resilience of services if staff are off ill or in isolation.

Ferry and bus services will be coordinated to ensure through connections for key workers and those that have an unavoidable need to travel.

For Yell, Bluemull and Whalsay, all bookings will be suspended on Monday and vehicles should park in single file or as directed by a member of crew.

Bookings will be available from Tuesday (24 March) onwards.

Normal timetables will continue to operate on the Skerries, Fair Isle, Foula and Papa Stour routes.

Details of the timetables can be found online and details of connecting bus timetables will be available soon on the ZetTrans website.