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Election letters 2019 / Positive and negative

So, tomorrow is polling day in the Shetland By Election. I am so proud of Tom Wills and the Shetland SNP Team who have put in the most phenomenal effort over the past month or so. Friday will be the best sleep of our lives!

I am also so proud of the positive campaign we have run. Tom has been energetic, proactive and informed. We as a team have put across a positive way forward for these islands with real policy. I hope you will agree.

This is in stark contrast to the Liberal democrat campaign who have fought the most negative campaign in Shetland’s living memory. Devoid of any policy, their tactic seems to have been to say as little as possible about their candidate and attack the SNP in the most aggressive and unpleasant way. I think you have all seen it in the carpet of leaflets, ‘newspapers’ and ‘personal handwritten letters (via computer) that they have sent out and tweets from certain sitting MSPs. Shetland deserves better than this. You deserve better than this.

In contrast the campaign from other candidates, notably Ryan Thomson and Michael Stout, has been positive and fair. I hope they will not take this the wrong way, but they have demonstrated they are, and would be again, excellent councillors.

Your decision on Thursday is probably more important than ever. In this time of political uncertainty, we need a block of parliamentarians that will stand up to the insanity we see coming from Boris, Trump and cohorts. Tom will be joining our strong SNP team who are already doing this.

We will be working right up to the wire so if you need any help getting to the polling station anywhere in Shetland please get in touch. We can all feel the tide is turning. It is over to you to put that cross on the paper. Tom’s box would be nice!

Iain Malcolmson
Convener Shetland SNP
South Nesting