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Election letters 2019 / Only interested in representing the SNP in Shetland

It is disappointing, but not surprising, that Maree Todd’s first intervention in the by-election debate has only been to add to the deliberate campaign by the SNP to misrepresent the twenty years of service that Tavish Scott gave to these islands (Serious about securing change; SN, 20 August 2019).

It is interesting that she does so on the same day that the SNP candidate claims to have the utmost respect for Tavish for “working tirelessly for Shetland” for twenty years.

Ms Todd, however, is a useful comparison for local people to see what they get if they elect a Nationalist. In the three years she has been our “representative” she has done absolutely nothing to stand up for Shetland.

She has supported the introduction of car parking charges at Sumburgh, the removal of the Air Discount Scheme from business travellers and the removal of local control of emergency services.

She has done nothing to support us getting fair funding for our internal ferry service or for better links to mainland Scotland that everyone here knows we need.

For twenty years Liberal Democrat Tavish Scott represented Shetland in Holyrood. SNP MSP’s like Maree Todd are only interested in representing the SNP government here.

Theo Smith