Letters / Clinging on?

The first words out of Beatrice’s mouth as she announces her “positive campaign” are a negative smear on her opponents.

“The last thing Shetland needs is a MSP that puts party before people” says the MSP who does nothing but toe the party line.

Wishart confirmed as Lib Dem candidate for Scottish election


She crows over how the SNP failed to win the by-election last year, but the truth is they’ve been leaching voters to the SNP for years. The Lib Dems are not growing in popularity here, they’re clinging on to a core of voters that, since they won’t be winning voters back by demonising them as nationalists and bullies, can only continue to decline.

If elected she would “work in tandem” with the Orkney’s MSP: that’s handy, because there are only a couple of other Lib Dems in Holyrood for her to work with and Beatrice has hardly shone in cross-party collaboration.


She’s helped “100s of local people” in the last year… yet doesn’t say how many of those were in difficulty due to Universal Credit and pension poverty thanks to changes her party brought about while in power?

I think the last thing Shetland needs is any more of Ms Wishart’s wishy-washy nonsense.

We need someone with a lot more vigour that will really put Shetland first; someone who is willing to negotiate a budget on our behalf, for a start.

It appears that the Lib Dems use ill-tempered scrapping as a tactic, because they know it puts people off party politics, which they then miraculously present themselves as being above.

By calling out her negative and divisive rhetoric on day one of her campaign, I hope she will change course – but I doubt it.

The trouble is, the Lib Dems have no policies or vision, only bitter outrage that someone has the temerity to believe they can do a better job.

Angela Sutherland