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Arts / Sanjeev Bhaskar among names announced for Screenplay

ACTOR Sanjeev Bhaskar has been confirmed to appear at this year’s Screenplay film festival.

Bhaskar, who is known for starring in the BBC’s Goodness Gracious Me, will head north to speak about the festival’s opening film Yesterday, as well as his long career in television, film and theatre.

Also due to appear at the 13th Screenplay festival between 30 August and 8 September is documentary maker Jeanie Finlay. She will screen her new films Seahorse and Game of Thrones: The Last Watch.

One of her previous pieces, Sound It Out, will be screened at The Bop Shop on Harbour Street.

Harry Wootliff will also make the trip north for her “nuanced and moving” debut feature Only You, a romantic drama set in Glasgow.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist David Allison will be providing live musical accompaniment to 1922 silent historical drama Rob Roy, a touring production from the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival in Bo’ness.

Shetland Arts’ film programme manager Jenny Leask is replacing former director Kathy Hubbard on the Screenplay team after she stepped down last year.

She will work alongside returning curators Mark Kermode and Linda Ruth Williams.

Elsewhere on the programme, there will be an emphasis on films from the Nordic countries, as well as flicks from Australia and New Zealand.

There will also be a strand of films directed by women.

“We are proud that more than 50 per cent of the feature films in this year’s programme are fully or co-directed by women,” Leask said.

“And this isn’t just about tokenism – these are brilliant, risk-taking, entertaining pieces of cinema.”

The ever-popular Home Made event is due to return to Screenplay, where locals can exhibit short films.

There will also be a premiere of Shetland actress Marnie Baxter’s directorial debut Bad Mother.

Two filmmaking workshops, one on documentaries and the other on stop-motion animation, are also set to be held.

This year will also see the first Screenplay Audience Award, with audiences being asked to rate the films they’re seeing.

Tickets for Screenplay are available at tickets.shetlandarts.org, over the phone on 01595 745500 or in person at Mareel.