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Election letters 2019 / Time for change

On behalf of the SNP Shetland Branch I am delighted to welcome Tom Wills as our candidate for the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary by election to be held on 29 August.

Tom is a fantastically well-rounded individual. He is instantly likeable and well informed. He is a great communicator with boundless energy and, very importantly, he knows Shetland as well as the rest of us being born and bred here. He is in fact everything you want your MSP to be.

We are all now facing an uncertain future with a no deal Brexit more likely under our new Prime Minister. We need our MSP to be strong and represent Shetland’s needs at Holyrood in a constructive way – working with the Scottish Government to ensure our voice is heard.

We need a different approach from our MSP than we have had for the last 20 years. Throwing stones from the background does not solve the serious issues that Shetland is facing now.

I think everyone can feel it is time for change. Tom Wills has SNP Shetland’s backing. I hope you will give him yours.

Iain Malcolmson
Convener SNP Shetland
South Nesting